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Shannon Winans Marketing services for new businesses


You deserve exceptional, professional marketing services and I make that possible.

thinking about a business? 

Contact me to schedule your consultation! Don't wait any longer to build a business on your own!


I take your ideas and dreams and turn them into a newly branded businesses ready to take on customers and thrive!  

Congrats on taking thE big step into Entrepreneurship

Sometimes my clients tell me what they need and others don't have a clue as to what they need to do to start creating a brand or to market products or services. With decades of business development expertise, I'll  personally guide you through this journey of brand development and the marketing essentials.

Essential services for the
new entrepreneur

Website Design


from $450

One of my most popular services is building affordable websites. Whether you are a service provider or you want to sell products on line, I can help build you a website that is sure to grab the attention of your clients. 

Content Creation


from $25

Most people find it hard to write about themselves. Do you need a good bio, better content on your Linkedin page, or content for your website? The right words and crafting content is art. It is all part of your brand and needs to be done right. 

Sales Strategy


from $200

A sales strategy is a MUST have! I will help you identify how to grow your business with a tailored approach using all the marketing tools out there. Let's identify who your potential customers are and how to get in front of them with the right message at the right time. 

Business Plans


from $150

I can help you craft a successful business plan outlining everything you are thinking creatively. This step is important and will help us outline content and ideas needed for the next step, building your website. I can guide you in the process and create a thorough plan.

Graphic Design


from $50

Prepare to target customers with custom brochures, flyers, post cards, custom art for social media posts and more! Custom design services will set your business apart and help you reach customers.

logo development


from $50

A logo is essential to building a brand. It is a symbol of your business and how you will be branded across multiple platforms. It has to be you. It has to be unique. It is a visual representation of what your business is.

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