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Shannon Winans Consulting Launches New Branding, Website for Manufacturing Leader

Updated: Apr 28

Shannon Winans celebrates the launch of another new manufacturing client website, new branding and other marketing activities for Alco Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of precision machined products for over 50 years. Shannon Winans Consulting Shannon Winans has been working with this manufacturer in the rebranding of the company which has been growing through the addition of other acquired machining companies and owned by private equity companies in recent years. Branding and digital marketing for companies going through acquisition and change is an expertise Shannon has spanning her 22 years in marketing. Most of the companies she has done work for were transitioning through various changes. This was a real attraction for Alco who needed the diverse marketing expertise Shannon has in manufacturing, with companies navigating change and developing marketing for companies from scratch.

"Alco has been an ideal client - our goal was to tell their story as leaders in their industry, identify competitive advantages, unite acquisitions on one site and define how the acquired businesses benefits customers," said Shannon Winans, Shannon Winans Consulting CEO. "Helping companies navigate change to make tough branding and marketing decisions easy is what I do and now we are working on phase two for Alco's Marketing plans," Winans said.

Ongoing work will include driving traffic to the new site through content development, social media, campaigns, and other strategies. Shannon is also working with the sales team at Alco on a targeted approach to business development and lead generation through a number of marketing activities and strategies.

Alco has five manufacturing locations strategically located along the Great Lakes Region with over 400 pieces of equipment and a team of over 400 employees that manufactures over 135 million parts annually in brass, stainless steel, aluminum, lead-free/leaded steel and other hard to machine alloys.

If you need a contract marketing partner with over 2 decades of expertise in all areas of marketing, contact Shannon email or call (440) 263-2761.


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