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Standout With This Basic Tool

Updated: Apr 28

Today's job seekers are networking more than ever before. Recent stats reveal that 85% of jobs are filled through personal networking. It is a top tool for job seekers and you should never leave home without a small stack. Networking can happen anywhere at the grocery store, a cookout or at networking events. Some of the best contacts I have made were because I had a business card on me at the right time. You just never know where you are going to meet the next person that could potentially help you.

Job seekers need to make the most of their personal networking by giving people a business card that stands out. A Standout business card is more than just your name and contact information. The ones I create for my job seekers may include:

  • A great head shot

  • Linkedin profile URL

  • Email, phone, name displayed prominently

  • A title or a descriptor so that people clearly understand what you do

  • The best cards make good use of the space both front and back of the card

  • It can list areas of specialty, unique skills and abilities

  • Can include tag lines (1 sentence that captures the essence of what you do) or a quote that you like and use to brand yourself.

  • QR codes or links to portfolios and websites that candidates may have

  • It may list education and certifications

  • Most importantly the design is eye catching!

I can work with you to design a great card or other promotional pieces that represents your personal brand. This branding should be carried across all materials you present to potential employers. Having a striking personal business card to hand to people you meet through the interview process is sure to impress and it is a nonverbal way to show that you are taking the process seriously and are proactive! Trust me, employers will notice this. It is also a good leave behind after an interview and is something that might sit on their desk and could make you a standout because it keeps you front of mind visually - all making you a “Standout Candidate!”

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