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Hello Job Seekers!

I'm Shannon Winans. I created BE THE STANDOUT to help job seekers present their skills talents and abilities in creative and digital ways to standout as a candidate in a job search.


Services for job seekers uses creative marketing to help bring out value, define and communicate what makes the candidate qualified so employers remember you as the "Standout Candidate." Together, we will create the tools you can use to promote yourself in your career. This is a revolutionary way to help job seekers gain a competitive edge in the market today."


I am just like you! I have been there in transition, not knowing what's next and knowing I deserve better. So I as a marketing and branding expert of nearly 30 years, I am taking the ways I help companies with branding and applying that to the job seeker. 

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For job seekers in a crowded, digital age, you need to have a more creative approach and new promotional tools to stand out and get noticed. I have been a job seeker numerous times throughout my career and have experienced long term unemployment and hardship just like you. I know what you are going through. I was discouraged and aggravated hearing there were hundreds of applicants for a position I was being considered for at one time. 


As a creative marketer, I made myself standout to land jobs. Attending job seekers groups, I had the idea to use what I do in my career to help others discouraged in the job transition process and breathe new life into the boring application and search process. 


Through my passion to help those I identify and empathize with, I created ways to help shine a spotlight on your achievements, abilities and gifts. If you are   get the help you need to land the job! Help is just a click away! 

"God placed me with job seekers for a reason. That's when I knew my talents were given to create a program to help and “Be The Standout” was developed." 
Be the standout in your job search personal branding for job seekers

Our New Normal

The average worker is changing jobs every 2-3 years on average – that is the norm now.  Gone are the days of working for 1 or 2 companies then retiring.
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