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Network Notions Website - Latest Website Development Project

Updated: Apr 28

When you get messages like this…You tear up and just know it is God’s little reminder that when you love what you do, who you work with and you are appreciated for your talent, THAT the reward is THE HIGHEST.

“I can’t even think of the words to describe how much I appreciate you! You are one those people I look at and say where have you been all my life. I love how we pour into each other. Our friendship means a lot to me and I’m honored to have you in my life! We are proof that women can uplift each other.” Katrice Jones, Founder of Network Notions.

Over the weekend, we celebrated the launch of the Network Notions website. Katrice hired me to build her networking group’s website. I also helped her create a VIP program. She made the launch all about the VIP members by throwing a small party at her home to celebrate the launch together! That’s just how special Katrice is - always making something about other people (especially her networking members.) I can’t say enough about the growth of our professional businesses and personal friendship and how both have blossomed since we met. Some connections you meet through networking are ones that you cherish forever, that you continue to pour into each other and support each other. God blessed me when I met Katrice. Her positivity radiates and I know there was a higher reason we were supposed to meet! Amen!

To date this is one of my favorite website projects I have developed so far! Please take a look at the work we created

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