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Updated: Apr 28

CLEVELAND, OHIO, (April 9, 2019) – Shannon Winans, Marketing expert and owner of Shannon Winans Marketing Consulting, is excited to announce a revolutionary new program, BE THE STANDOUT candidate. Services in this exciting new program aim to help today’s job seeker standout in a crowded market that has become less personal and more digital by delivering unique tools to help in the frustrating job seeking process. This program can help ANYONE at ANY LEVEL in their career most of all those in transition and motivated with the desire for a better employment opportunity or to land the job of their dreams.

"I built a career on pioneering unique marketing programs and strategies that created innovative avenues for businesses to thrive. Now this program for job seekers will help people in great need with the tools to market and promote themselves, their abilities and what makes them unique. This is a revolutionary way to help job seekers gain a competitive edge in the market today," said Winans.

BE THE STANDOUT Candidate was created to provide hope to discouraged job seekers lost in a sea of candidates. Shannon’s inspiration for developing BE THE STANDOUT came from her affiliation with a job seeker networking group and from taking creative approaches in her career transitions over the years.

“I can empathize with my fellow job seekers as I have experienced the same hardships and frustrations that they have.” As a creative marketer, I developed ways to standout to land jobs and I realized it was all for a reason - to do more to help others discouraged in this very challenging process,” said Winans.

Passionate to help people she identified and empathized with, Shannon created ways to help shine a spotlight on achievements, abilities and gifts that make candidates attractive to companies.

Help is just a click away! Visit to fill out the contact form and get a consultation scheduled. Follow @TheStandOutCandidate on FB, Instagram and @BeTheStandout on Twitter.

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