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Updated: Apr 28

LinkedIn's new 'Open To Work' photo frame may help job seekers find new opportunities.

linkedin for job seekers
linkedin for job seekers

It is so challenging to find a new position, especially in the economic times like we are in due to this virus. The good news is that thanks to #Linkedin, it is now easier to stand out on the social platform as a job seeker open to #opportunities.

Now you can increase your exposure as a job seeking candidate by adding the NEW Open To Work feature. Once enabled, it will add a green frame around your profile that says “Open To Work” (see image for example). Linkedin also says by adding this feature, it makes a job seeker more visible to hiring managers and recruiters.

After you turn on the Open To Work feature, you can also create a post with #OpenToWork hashtag so you can reach even more people on LinkedIn to help you find your next role.

How to enable LinkedIn's Open To Work feature

  1. On your profile click the #OpenToWork section

  2. Under your picture click: “Show recruiters you’re open to work”

  3. Next fill in your job preference by adding desired job titles, work locations, start dates and job type.

  4. You can choose to keep this private to 'recruiters only' if you wish, but making it public will now give you the option to add the Open to Work frame and make this job search information public. Your frame will appear on your profile and will be public.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of this feature.

  1. You also have the option to send your entire network a message with this information to further create awareness for the type of work you are looking for. What a great way to tell your network about the kind of position you are looking for.

  2. Post more and engage with others on the Linkedin platform! Now, anytime you comment on a post, or your profile comes up in a search, your profile will show your #OpenToWork frame and will provide you with added exposure and opportunity. So start engaging!

linkedin for job seekers
linkedin for job seekers


Asking your network to share your profile with their network is now a lot easier!

Are there contacts you know and trust that would recommend you? Linkedin has made it easier to share each other’s profiles in posts. If you feel comfortable asking a contact, they can now easily share your profile right from a post (see image for example). The post includes a recommendation and shares your profile heading so make sure yours is up to date first. The post also includes the hashtag #ShareProfile but also let your contact know to add additional hashtags for the job descriptions that you are targeting and ask them to add that to the post.

OTHER UPDATES- Along with these updates several other updates to Linkedin recently rolled out including: 5 new emoji-response options for reacting to posts other than just “like”. Additionally, more options were added to enhance posts that you create. Now, you can easily create polls, add icons that say how you can offer help to others, find an expert, celebrate an occasion such as welcoming a new coworker or showing appreciation for a colleague, share a new position, announce a work anniversary and share a project or career milestone. These are located in the gray box at the bottom of each new post box.


BE THE STANDOUT is a program developed to help job seekers and professionals with creative ways to standout and gain an advantage in the job market. Contact us to see how we can help you in your search.

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