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Adding Branding Elements to your Job Search Materials

Updated: Apr 28

Branding elements such as logos, key word statements, images and templates creates a brand for you that will help you to stand out in your job search. Creating a cohesive look across materials you submit to a company is a great way to make a first impression and is something most candidates probably don't even think about. Being a polished candidate will leave the hiring manager the impression that you are a creative out of the box thinker who cares about details and that you are a candidate that takes pride in how you present yourself to a company. Lets look at a few ways of doing this and where you can focus on putting your branded elements.

  • Logo- We can create a logo that is as simple as your name and initials or it can include something related to your industry. This element can be used across all materials in the hiring process including your cover letter, portfolio materials, reference lists, business cards and other materials that you present throughout the hiring processes. This logo can provide a personal identity and a creative way for a recruiter to remember your name - associating your name with an image.

  • Key Word Statements - A string of key words can quickly help identify what it is that you do best. These carefully chosen words best describes your top skills. For example, I customize mine depending on what the job description says. For example, for a marketing job mine might say: Marketing Executive| Strategist | Brand Builder | Creative Designer & Communicator | Growth Accelerator but for more of a corporate communications role I might use this one: Public Engagement Leader | Creative Strategist & Communicator | Special Programs Manager | Partnerships. A tailored approach to what the company is looking for in the role is the best approach. Read the job description and identify what the employer seems to be looking for and sum it up in your key words. It also is another way to get the right key words into your resume and applications. Use this on top of cover letters and on your business cards as well.

  • Your Image - How you look can go a long way to help you land your next job! I advise having a professional head shot taken or having someone you know take one for you. Have the photo retouched/photoshopped if needed. You will need a great image to put on Linkedin profiles, portfolios, websites, cover letters, why hire me statements or in your email signature art. Adding branded elements such as a design, logo, key word statements, and your image will help you to be remembered and to stand out among other candidates. With so many candidates competing for a job you need to do whatever you can to make sure it is you that gets the interview and to the end of the process and hopefully the one at the end that gets the offer.

My examples below are of a logo, a banner header for PDF materials and for an email signature graphic. Contact me for custom graphic work or any other branded service.


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