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Be Ready For The Hidden Job Market with personal branding

Updated: Apr 28

89% Of companies recently surveyed said they use social media to recruit. 89% WOW!

So what does that mean? To me, it means that today, having a strong, personal, active digital presence increases your chances of being considered for all the great opportunities that are out there that you might not even know about. It is called the “hidden job market” which you can discover in some of the following ways:

  • Attending many networking meetings in hopes to meet someone who can open a door for you

  • Directly using Linkedin to connect to decision makers (if they accept your request)

  • Joining various career and industry specific groups

  • Having a great Linkedin profile and being active on the platform

The good news is that there is help!

BE THE STANDOUT,” my new program to help job seekers and professionals provides a solution to help people standout to gain an advantage in the job market today. Since companies are using recruiters that are both directly employed to recruit and outsourced recruiters, one way to easily increase positive visibility is to make sure you look good where they are looking - that’s your Linkedin profile.

Just because the economy is doing better and there might be more jobs available, doesn’t mean it is the time to let the Linkedin profile sit stagnant. You need to continue to update your personal branding. There are many things you can do to continue to update it and remain active on the platform. Here are a few ideas that “BE THE STANDOUT” can help you with affordably!

  • Better headshots and photo retouching

  • Custom graphics

  • Creating articles, portfolios and custom graphics for postings to your network

  • Better content, key words, career summaries, and a focus on what differentiates you from others

  • How to communicate the value you can contribute to a company

These are just a small list of the affordable services offered in the Be The Standout program.

There are additional ideas to help you “Be The Standout” on my website.

BE THE STANDOUT was developed by Shannon Winans, marketing & branding expert of 20 years, entrepreneur and small business owner at Shannon Winans Marketing Consulting. Shannon is also a team lead and branding and marketing adviser for a large Christian job seekers networking group in Cleveland, Ohio.

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