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Shannon Winans Sponsors and Presents at Inaugural Small Business marketing Summit Celebrating Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 28

Shannon Winans Consulting

Small Business Week is celebrated nationally April 29-May 5th and I am excited to announce that Shannon Winans Consulting (formerly) 216BranDrive is a sponsor of the 1st Inaugural 2018 Small Business Extravaganza. In the spirit of supporting #SmallBusinessWeek our mission is to promote awareness and shine a spotlight on #smallbusinesses, strengthen our network, encourage ongoing support and investment in small business and provide opportunities for those who are pursuing entrepreneurship. This is small business marketing at its best!

PRESENTING: I am honored to also be a presenter at the Small Business All In To Win Summit. I will be presenting "What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Marketing"

MY SPONSORSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS: I have contributed all graphic design and other marketing services including development of the Small Business Extravaganza logo. I am also giving away my time and talent in a few promotions!


  1. I will be donating a free basic website design to one person who attends the summit as a door prize. Certain rules and restrictions apply.

  2. Anyone who likes my Facebook page @216Brandrive and posts something about my presentation at the summit on Facebook and tags @216BranDrive will be entered for a chance to win a set of 3 custom designed social media graphics to promote their business.

  1. A huge social media campaign encouraging people to go walk the community and go viral by visiting small business and going "Live" on Facebook.

  2. Thursday, May 3rd is the big Small Biz All In to Win Summit held at Talent Launch in Independence Ohio. There will be 9 presenters, of which I will be one of them. I will be presenting on "What Entrepreneurs need to know about Marketing & Branding"

  3. Friday, May 4th we are bringing everyone together for a Small Biz Networking Mixer to celebrate our successes and to meet new contacts and make connections! The event is held at the Communion Social Lounge. Online registration is required for the networking mixer and Summit but the events are free.

Below are some of the graphics I produced for the event. Like Small Business Extravaganza on Facebook for event info and tickets.

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