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Custom Social Media Art for Branding

Updated: Apr 28

Here are some greats stats to share with you about Social Media:

  • 76% of Facebook users

  • 51 of Instagram users

  • 42% of Twitter users

  • 25% of Pinterest users

  • 18% of Linkedin users use the site every single day. These are millions of potential customers- How are you looking on your social networks? Are you making the most of your free space on your social sites? You should be.

The home page on your social accounts are probably among your highest traffic. It is the first thing someone sees when they click on your social media pages. Use the space to your advantage. Make sure your website, logo, message and whatever else you want people to know are visible. Make sure to test this on desktop and mobile and review it often because the dimensions for the art on these sites change frequently.

These recent examples (the one above) is my new banner header on Facebook.

(The one below) is for my personal Facebook page promoting my business and has my triplet nieces on it. ; )

If you are in need of making the most of your free social space or want to talk about a rebranding, let me help you!

Contact me today to set up an appointment.

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